7th International Conference
on Pesso Boyden System Psychomotor® (PBSP®)

Science and Good Practice

26–29 September 2019 | Prague, Czech Republic

Guests of Honor

PhDr. Yvonna Lucká – Chair of Honor

Yvonna Lucká is a clinical psychologist, psychotherapist, supervisor and trainer. She works with clients suffering from traumatic or posttraumatic disorders as well as with clients with atypical problems.

She is trained in psychoanalysis, family therapy, integrative body work, psychodynamic group therapy, biosynthesis and PBSP. She is a co-founder of the Czech Institute of Biosynthesis, trainer in biosynthesis, supervisor of many educative and training programs in the Czech Republic and abroad.

In the early 1990s, she passed the PBSP training in the USA and in Switzerland. Thanks to the effort of her end her colleague Michael Vančura, the PBSP method was spread to the Czech Republic. Together with her husband Luboš Kobrle, she has led loads of PBSP programs in Prague for many years, having influenced most of the contemporary Czech PBSP therapists. Having significant merits for the Czech community of PBSP practice, she was asked to take up the Chairmanship of Honor.

Tasmin Pesso – Guest of Honor

Tasmin Pesso is honored the Czech PBSP Association is hosting the 2019 International PBSP Conference upon the 90th anniversary of the birth of her parents, Albert Pesso and Diane Boyden-Pesso.

Tasmin comes to her current position as PBSP Psychomotor Institute Board President having lived a life framed by PBSP's teachings and practices. Her involvement with PBSP started at an early age in the dance studio with her parents as they explored movement and emotions with the species stance, controlled approach, direct emotion, reflexive motion and other foundational concepts. Pesso family conversations frequently centered on psychology, PBSP theory and practice as Al and Diane explored and developed the fundamental elements of their methods and techniques.

As Tasmin moved into her own studies of human needs and development, she applied her PBSP experience and knowledge to earning a Bachelor's and Master's degree in the study of media literacy. She furthered her education becoming a certified Parent Coaching Institute parent coach and a Kidpower (personal boundary setting skills program) instructor. With her interests and accomplishments, it was a natural progression for Al to invite Tasmin to join the board of the PBSP Psychomotor Institute when it was reconstituted in 2015. Following Al's passing in 2016, she was elected President of the PBSP Psychomotor Institute.

As Tasmin now leads the Institute as it takes on the task of providing the stewardship for PBSP into the future, she is delighted to be joining everyone in Prague where one of the purposes of the PBSP Psychomotor Institute is being so competently addressed this year: "to support, apply, utilize, promote, develop and enhance psychomotor techniques". She congratulates the organizers for their hard, good work and wishes all attendees a stimulating experience.